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Skyline Farm

Skyline Farm Facts

The first record of a fully functioning farm on the location of current-day Skyline Farm dates back to 1801. This farm, in the hands of various owners, continued functioning up until present times. The property was named Skyline Farms in the 1940s.

In 1970 H.K. Sowles and his wife Margaret bought the farm, and Sowles used several of the farm's existing structures to house his extensive carriage collection. Upon Sowles' death in 1998 the farm, and his collection, looked as is it would be divided up and sold off, but in 2000 a nonprofit organization was able to purchase the property to preserve and restore it. The purchase was made possible with the contributions of many individuals, local foundations and the Town of North Yarmouth. The organization is still in the process of renovating the farm's horse riding facilities and the collection of carriages that is housed there.

Skyline Farm currents owns over 80 carriages and sleighs, many of which were built and used in North Yarmouth or the immediate area. These artifacts represent a period stretching from the 18th century to the 1920's and exhibit a wide diversity in purpose and style.

Though the nonprofit that owns Skyline Farm maintains the entire farmstead, in addition to a number of riding trails, the carriage collection itself is housed in an indoor riding arena. This arena was built in 1959 and is one of the oldest of its type in Maine. It has since undergone extensive renovations to be able to house the organization's collection.